General Data Protection Regulation

We accompanies you in your compliance process

The General Data Protection Regulation enters into force next May, it was definitively adopted by the European Parliament on 14 April 2016 and will be implemented in the Member States on 25 May 2018. It applies to any organisation storing or manipulating personal data concerning a citizen of Europe. It is important to emphasize the “wide” definition of personal data, including the IP address of an individual’s computer, first name, family name, email address and phone number. This law imposes many obligations to secure information, tracing any data processing, and affect organisation’s processes. Your entity’s compliance requires that you review your tools, processes, and all the organizations you deal with (suppliers, partners, administrations) as you are responsible for them. 
We developed services to detect the necessary actions for small and medium businesses and organisations to meet compliance.

SMB and similar organizations

Starting from 250 employees, a company is required to create a DPO (Data Protection officer) position whose function will be to manage the conformity of its establishment. The organizations targeted by our services have fewer than 250 employees and therefore do not have the obligation to appoint one. 
It is to be remembered that our recommendations are structuring in terms of technical solutions. We rely on the Microsoft Office 365 platform and possibly Microsoft Azure as a complement.

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